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Welcome to MSI – Guns and Accessories

No matter where you live, protecting yourself, your family, and your home is a very important part of life. With constant media coverage, it’s no secret there are less than honorable people in the world. At MSI, we understand each person just wants the peace of mind that comes with safety. That’s why we offer a variety of handguns and handgun accessories in our gun store from the best manufacturers. Additionally, we have rifles and shotguns to compliment the collection of anyone that can appreciate the fine craftsmanship that comes from many of the top manufacturers today.

  • We can provide Cerakote firearm coatings in a variety of colors. In fact, we have 20 unique colors for you to consider, as well as combinations and designs made from them.
  • Find your dream firearm in our gun shop when you search by manufacturer. We have products from Smith & Wesson, Colt, Bond Arms, and hundreds more!
  • We also carry a wide range of ammo, magazines, scopes, laser sights, cleaning equipment, holsters and much more to keep your firearm in perfect working order.
  • For the outdoor enthusiast you can find decoys, game calls, targets and survival supplies to make your time in the field more productive and enjoyable.

We proudly carry a huge range of firearms and related items for residents in and around Sacramento CA and Roseville CA. Whether you’re looking for a small handgun for personal protection, or want a larger caliber rifle to take down large game animals, you can find it in our massive selection online and in-store if you are local. If you have any questions about our current availability, or would like to know if we carry a certain firearm or accessory in store before you visit in person, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.